A slap in the face of the Democratic National Committee (DNC)

The loss today is nothing else than a huge slap in the face of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) who favoured the (disliked) Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

In every single poll Bernie Sanders won landslide against Trump. But the DNC did not behave neutral and democratic but favoured  against all reason Hillary Clinton as candidate. But nevertheless the Clinton campaign  was entirely  based on preventing Trump, not promoting Clinton. A contradiction not seen or reported but as bold as the proverbial elephant in the room.

Had the DNC truly meant what they said — that preventing Trump is main goal — Sanders would have been clearly the man of the hour. But the DNC — the establishment — favoured Clinton.

For this move they got the bill today. A bill that all Americans and the rest of the world have to bear — not only themselves.

We can just hope that this catastrophe is a wakeup call for the DNC, a clear message that they can’t offer a “Goldman-Sachs-candidate” to the voters but that they have to care for the real demands of the people.

Instead of electing Trump the voters voted against Hillary. This election today is the loss of the establishment candidate in the face of near-fascism.

It says a lot how much the masses detest the establishment. And how ready the time is for true change!

cf: https://www.instagram.com/p/BMlFoqYh98p/

Don’t Mourn Hillary’s Loss


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