Just a few % ..

Nobody expected Trump winning. The explanation: an angry, disenfranchised part of the population let his anger out.

Well, even if Clinton is historically exceptionally disliked, Trump’s victory is still strange. Would he really do so much better than all polls predicted. Winning a state here or there, yes, but just like that?

The voting machines can be hacked — easily. Professor Andrew Appel shows how to Hack an Election in 7 Minutes. To rig the elections in a swing state, e.g. Florida, all you need is to change about 1.5% of the votes and the result is the opposite. Trump got 130’000 more votes there, out of 4.3 millions.

That sounds conspiracy for you? Well, in Virgina in “[…] a race for the Fairfax School Board, the machines inexplicably subtracted one vote for every 100 votes cast in favor of incumbent school-board candidate Rita Thompson, which resulted in a 2 percent reduction in votes for her overall. Thompson lost the race by 1,600 votes.[emphasis added]”.*

Wiki writes about a certain type of voting machines that “[a]ccording to Rubin [a Professor of Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University], the system is intentionally designed so that anyone with access can update the machine software, without a pass code or other security protocol. “ This was in the year 2006 but in “2016, 43 states will use machines that are at least 10 years old; 31 states suggested a serious need for new voting machines.”*

Manipulation could be done by hacking the system. But it could be done by a back door, too. When you enter a system by a back door and activate some code that changes 2% of the vote and then deactivate the code again (or it deactivates itself), it would not leave any traces, except the back door itself but if the code is closed source, i.e. not accessible to anyone except the company, it is very difficult to find it.

In other words, if you test the machine you will not find any fraud. The machine counts correctly. But when the machine is installed in a ballot box and connected the Internet, the one with back door access can switch to ‘fraud mode’.

So maybe The Donald enters the White House via the back door …

Update: An article  in the Swiss NZZ says that just  0.6 % of the voters in Florida (59’886) plus  0.5% in Wisconsin  (13’629) would have secured a victory for Clinton.





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