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A Kansas City Shuffle

A Kansas City Shuffle is when everybody looks right,

you go left.

Lucky Number Slevin

With the recent frenzy about Trump, nothing is said any more about Hilary Clinton’s political position. As Trump is pictured as the Godzilla that will trample on US, the fact that Clinton’s positions are entirely those of the establishment— the 0.1%—is completely forgotten. Only Trump, the big monster is seen and that monster has to be stopped at all cost. This is a variant of Naomi Klein’s Shock doctrine.

Expressed in a paraphrased Kansas City shuffle:

Everyone looks at Trump, and Goldman Sachs makes Hillary Clinton president.

Trump has to stopped. There is no question.

  • How best to stop Trump from becoming president?

    Take the best candidate of Democrats and let him run against Trump.

  • Who is best candidate?

    The one that scored best at polls. If one candidate wins landslide against Trump and one just might win, it should be fairly easy to choose.

  • Is there a candidate that wins landslide against Trump?

    Yes, there is. It is Bernie Sanders!

Sanders wins over Trump by 10% to 15%1 (average 10.4%) meanwhile Clinton only scores an average of 2.7% and is even loosing according to one poll2.

If the Democrats don’t use their best candidate (i.e. Bernie Sanders) but one that might even fail (Clinton) they are mentally ill or have just another agenda.

As we can exclude the first position, we have to ask, why on Earth would the Democratic party use their second if not third choice (Hilary Clinton) if they do have the option for a landslide victory (Sanders)? The likely answer is that the candidate must represents the interests of the establishment. Sanders represents the 99%, Clinton is a plutocrat herself.

In that case the whole hype about Trump is a farce. If you don’t use your best candidate to win against the perceived catastrophe, you don’t really want to prevent it.

As Clinton is one of the most disliked candidates in US history, you need a strong reason so that people vote for her. With a male, chauvinist, racist, lunatic trump card that is so terrible that anything else will appear better, you give a reason (however flawed). People will have to vote for the lesser evil (emphasis on have to). Trump might therefore just be a puppet, a doomsday scenario so that every one votes woman to prevent the chauvinist nightmare.

The Clintons and Trumps know each other. They might even be friends. If we continue with a little conspiracy thinking, let’s say there is a secret committee that orchestrated Trump on one side and Hillary on the other. The show follows the logic explained above. In that case, to vote for Clinton is the same as to vote for Trump. Therefore, conspiracy applying, you can’t vote for Clinton.

Let’s drop the conspiracy and look at the DNC with their fear mongering. As they present us with a inferior candidate but claim to prevent Trump, they need a lesson. Make them understand that if they do not present us a true alternative, a candidate that does not represent just the 1%, people are not swallowing it. Therefore, send a message to the DNC, don’t vote Hillary!

On the other hand, if the doomsday trick works, four years from now we will have another Trump-Godzilla arise at the horizon and again people will have to vote for the corporate establishment option to “prevent disaster” ….

As we can’t vote for Clinton—conspiracy applying or not—the only alternative is:

Bernie or bust.

Jill Stein for President!

Update: With the recent DNC leak published by wikileaks, the pro-Hillary camp grasps at straws by taking refuge in conspiracy theories. It was Putin! Russia attacked. Even the Swiss NZZ, usually heavily anti-conspiracy, asks the “cui bono?” question, a perspective this paper has never taken before in any circumstances. Asking the question is correct, but does it change anything about the DNC having been undemocratic and unfair? Fact is, that these emails reveal “what was literally a conspiracy to railroad the Sanders campaign”3 Even if Russia had anything to do with the leak, it is not that Russia makes Hillary weak, Hillary is weak.

Update: Update: Michael Moore tweeted, Trump does not want to win ( This fits perfectly with the above theory.


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