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In the beginning ..

In the beginning, God created the holy beamer.

With the power of God, the holy beamer beamed its pictures into the vast darkness but the pictures were not seen. They passed the darkness but darkness was not aware. All the pictures were lost in space.

So God said “you are lonely, nobody sees your pictures. I will create a screen so that your pictures will be known”. And God took the cover of the fan from the beamer (other sources say the entire left side) and created the screens. God created screens in green, but they showed everything in green. God created screens in read, but they showed everything in red, God created screens in blue, but they showed everything in blue, God even created a screen in black and this one did not show anything at all. Then God created a screen in white and the white screen showed all colours. And God was happy, rested, and watched the movies on the white screen …[1]


With a loose contact, even the best screen can’t display a movie smoothly.

1There is an account that God created even a screen that had a layer of silver and that was so perfect that it mirrored everything. But this screen was too powerful so it claimed to be the light itself. Therefore God replaced it by the white screen.


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