COVID – a political Pearl Harbour?

Kit Knightly claims in his excellent article COVID, 9/11 & Forever War that COVID is a psy-op to control the masses, a war that doesn’t even really exist, so it never has to end and they definitely can’t lose. But unlike a terrorist threat, in the case of COVID it’s all being done in the name of “helping people”.

In the name of COVID we have seen taxation, censorship, surveillance, state expenditure to the private sector and state powers all increase. These are all the cliche “emergency powers” the state seeks out in wartime.
Kit Knightly

When the masses quarrel the super-wealthy thrive …

COVID killed Sander’s our revolution and reduced all the groups worldwide that questioned a neoliberal capitalist world order to a side show. Sanders did unify people across the left/right divide and therefore made them truly dangerous for the elite owning class. COVID did not only kill the in core anti-capitalist movements, it made it possible for the deep state to remove Trump from power as he was not sufficiently subservient to the ruling power.[1] By doing so, the deep state not only got rid of an enfant terrible, but also achieved a deep divide in society, a divide that plays into the hand of the rulers as divide-and-rule is not just the credo for US foreign policy. Meanwhile one segment of society – the liberal left – was pushed to hate Trump even without any substantial prove, the other segment – the Trump voters – where experiencing media lies, censorship and even voter fraud so that they understandingly radicalised. The result is a divided society, divided to such an extent that any mass movement will be unlikely for years to come.

It’s called “settlements”

I personally do not think that COVID was created by the deep state. They rather rather used and amplified it. Big pharma over the last decades tried again and again to sell us a pandemic – bird flue, swine flue, etc. – in order to sell massive amounts of medicine with less restrictions and testing, without paying for advertisement and liability externalised.

Conspiracies among the big pharmaceuticals are well known, but they are called “settlements”. Public Citizen has documented the number and size of criminal and civil settlements and court judgments over 27 years. From 1991 through 2017, a total of 412 settlements were reached […], for a total of $38.6 billion. Theseillegal but profitable activities will continue to be part of companies’ business model as these amounts pale in comparison to company profits[…] amounting to only 5% of the $711 billion in net profits made by the 11 largest global drug companies during just 10 of those 27 years.[2]

This time the deep state aided big pharma to get rid of Trump and kill social movements. This would explain why the western media was unanimous in backing the COVID lie and why they attacked all deviating opinions like a totalitarian regime.

Privatise profits, socialise losses and shock doctrine for bonus

The ruling class, the upper 0.01%, are using neoliberal capitalism as a ruling model. Capitalism is claimed to be best for all, without alternative, etc. (we know the usual phrases that are hollow and false). Meanwhile neoliberal capitalism is used by those in power to reduce government wherever it interferes with profits, this allegedly much hated government is at the same time a nanny state for the rich that socialises the losses and bails out the rich as soon as they are in trouble. In addition, shock doctrine is used in cases of emergencies to justify the printing of money and its distribution among the powerful. The shock doctrine works like a bonus to shovel extra trillions into the pockets of the super-wealthy.[3]

The public has to be fooled

Since the emergence of democracy the wealthy top fears nothing more than nationalisation. People can vote and could – if they are united – transfer the capitalist-technological surplus of society to the people or even expropriate the wealthy. Manufacturing consent or rather manufacturing illusion to keep the masses at bay is therefore tantamount for the wealthy class in order to keep their assets and stay at the top. Wars were used in the past (WW I) to deflect from wealth inequalities. The war on terror was created or at least used to the same end, now with COVID there is indeed a brilliant “threat” that allows the ruling class to rule by decree, to suspend basic rights, to censor and silence all in the name of protecting the people. The war on the virus makes it possible to keep the people at bay.

Prolonging the illusion

But each war needs an enemy, an imminent danger to be credible. Solidarity with the elderly will not work on long term. People will reach a point where they are ready to sacrifice the elderly in order to live again. They will be fed up with restrictions and demand their rights back and freedom to be restored.

So where will the masters of illusion get their needed victims from to keep the perceived danger alive? How can COVID remain for years a threat when people are not dying in sufficient numbers? Agencies could, of course, poison millions to make the danger real. But even a CIA has limits and killing hundreds of thousands or even millions to keep the danger alive is risky and difficult to do.

A political Pearl Harbour

The COVID-mania is propagated with a liberal-left or even woke flavour: dancing nurses in hospitals, solidarity with the elderly, alleged logic and science, etc.[4] meanwhile the opponents are on the far-right: Trump, Bolsonaro, Republican states, etc. Some outlets like Epoch Times are even blaming socialism or communism for the COVID restrictions – a claim so lunatic in face of the profits generated and exponents of capitalism (WEF, B.G., etc.) calling for these measures that is unnecessary to discuss it any further – adding further to the perception that the COVID measures are essentially leftist: It’s the (woke) left and too much government that brought us the COVID restrictions.

If the COVID narrative collapses – with or without vaccine victims – it will therefore be easy to frame the crisis in such a way that the culprit was the left, the state and excessive government regulations. COVID will then become a political Pearl Harbour, an event to justify going to war against leftists in general and government regulations in particular. The right will triumph and the rich will be laughing all their way to the bank as a state that can redistribute wealth from the rich to the masses will be weakened beyond repair.

The end of climate actions

As COVID will then be seen as a lie, climate change will be seen and actively smeared to be just another government lie to “take away our freedom”. The so desperately needed actions against climate change (especially taxes on fossil fuel) will become impossible to win public support. COVID and a collapsing COVID lie will throw back the climate movement for years if not decades or kill it all together.


When climate change will finally hit the people – and if it is not already too late to change course – with so much trust in government destroyed it will be very difficult to find a consensus for action. To me it looks therefore as if the fight against climate change is lost, leading first to environmental catastrophe and then even to a nuclear holocaust.

Under such conditions, activism only makes sense with a concept of a «reward in heaven» or better rebirth in next life. There is a substantial change that the world will perish. Activism needs therefore a transcendental aim, one that does not fail when the earth perishes. So do the right thing for better rebirth in next life or to paraphrase the Bible:

«Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where climate change and nuclear war can destroy it all, but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where climate change will not reach and no war can destroy it.»


1 Trump was the first president since 1936 who was not a member of the CFR. It that sense he was anti-establishment, an exception to accepted doctrine. Trump served as a brilliant scenery for virtue signalling, uniting even the Bushs and the Obamas during McCain’s funeral …



4 The British Tory government hired a PR firm and spent £119 million for a campaign but was hiding the fact that they were behind, so they avoid equating conservative with restrictions.

The Washington Post article Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to “flatten the curve”, brought in my view a substantial change in the liberal-left academic world as it could convince people with logic. The logic works indeed but the missing question is applicability, i.e. is this model applicable to reality. After plenty of lock-downs, there should be sufficient evidence that this model – at least in its current form – is not applicable to reality.

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