SNB, bailout Greece – buy the Greek government debts!

Switzerland suffers for many years from the strength of its currency. After three years of intervention, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) removed the cap on its currency which it had imposed. Until then, it had bought €174 billion.

Greece suffers a debt crisis for more than six years with no end in sight. The debts stand now at approx. € 320 billion and growing.

Free to birds with one cage opening:

SNB, bailout Greece – buy the Greek government debts!

The SNB shall grant an interest-free loan to Greece to facilitate an advance repayment. As the lenders to Greece – the European Union, the banks and the IMF – know well that Greece will never be able to pay back these debts, an advance repayement allows the Greek government to actively negotiate a haircut on the lenders.

The interest-free loan will free Greece from its creditors, end foreign intervention in Greece’s domestic policy and restore Greek autonomy. Greece can then give up the harsh austerity measures and reduce the huge tax rate that suffocates its economy.

For the SNB the issuing of the interest-free loan is just part of its monetary policy to weaken the Swiss Frank. The acquisition of approx. €300 billion will counteract deflation, weaken the Swiss Franc and therefore improve exports, save jobs and enkindle tourism.

The main advantage for Switzerland lies in the investment in people: Helping a country to regain independence will foster friendship for centuries to come – an insurance not one single bank – not even the ECB – can give.[1]

The Swiss rose against the local sheriff from Habsburg and freed themselves in 1291. Now Switzerland has the unique opportunity to help the Greeks freeing themselves from the new Habsburg sheriffs.

1 E.g. If Switzerland suffers from atomic incident and 25% of the Swiss have to emigrate, I am sure Greece would welcome us!

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Real Trump-resistance is fact-based

In his article in the Swiss newspaper NZZ, Slavoj Žižek warns rightly that the left’s response to Trump’s election should not just be self-complacent moral indignation but include hard self-criticism. I can’t agree more. Even when I embrace and welcome actions of icons like Meryl Streep or companies that back away from the new president, there is a big danger just below the surface. When large companies known for their precarious social impacts[1] or celebrities that belong to the establishment and supported Hillary Clinton[2] are now portrayed or portray themselves as the spearhead of resistance, the anti-Trump movements descends into a rebranding event for the establishment where the exponents of society fight as the brave against the villain (who is eventually removed) and where at the end the Statue of Liberty is replaced by a statue of Hillary, the new Jeanne d’Arc of America … In other words, a Hollywood-like show for a big whitewash of the current establishment and its economic order.

True critique has to address more than the person of Trump. Even when Trump is vulgar and lacks almost all presidential qualities, it is the things he stands for that have to be addressed and fought against: Unconstitutional decrees first, but also increased military spending, social injustice, tax exemption for the rich, illegal wars, etc.

As Žižek writes, the left has the unique opportunity to renew itself. The left lost because they (i.e. the Democratic Nomination Committee) sidelined and boycotted Bernie Sanders, because they ignored the urge for true change, because they – the establishment – wanted to go on and on with profits for the rich and losses for the poor ignoring the underprivileged in the middle of their country. With Trump in the Oval Office the left (the DNC and the Democrats) should finally see the writing on the wall and act. Only a radical departure from the current economic system that is socially, ecologically and morally corrupt and rotten can bring a change. Only a departure from the neo-liberal credo will mobilise the masses.[3]

For once the press is not blindly parroting and blandishing the actions of the White House as they usually do. It is therefore the time for true critique.

Overcoming Trump means …

  • replacing the aggressive, (regime-changing) foreign policy of the last 65 years with a policy of mutual respect, acceptance of international law and the pursuit of peace (including the abolishment of nuclear weapons worldwide)
  • reducing military spending from 50% gradually to 5%[4]
  • ending NATO[5]
  • ending the fossil fuel era and shifting to 100% sustainable energy
  • preventing climate change[6]
  • reducing threats to democracy like extreme wealth concentration[7]
  • ensuring minority rights and counteracting racism[8]
  • lessoning the gap between rich and poor
  • creating a single payer health care system

We truly don’t need self-complacent moral indignation and self-presentation.

Real Trump-resistance is fact-based!


1 e.g Uber

2 e.g. Madonna

3 Unless the masses are not deluded into a war or the like, see here

4 There is no military threat to the US anywhere in the world.

5 Contrary to public opinion, NATO is not a defensive but an offensive and often aggressive alliance. It did not defend during the last 20 years but invade and kill.

6 Climate change will not be preventable any more but it can be contained according to the Paris agreement.

7 Trump’s rise to presidency is just the most recent attack of unregulated, excessive wealth on democracy – with unprecedented impacts.

8 Education is the key to counteract racism. One has to start in kindergarden …


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A Double Standard

US interference in other election is standard procedure but the US gets outraged about  alleged  (proves are still missing) interference by other states.

Read this very good article about the ‘double standard’:

A Double Standard? By Marc Trachtenberg

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A strange déjà-vu

We had it all sixteen years ago. When George W. Bush became president, the world stood against him. But then came 9/11 and suddenly the village idiot received unrestricted solidarity[1]. Now Trump stands against almost the whole world and if he can’t deliver to those angry whites that voted for him, he will be in splendid isolation.

Are we heading therefore for a new 9/11?

Donald Trump might need a new 9/11 when the deceit of his campaign promises becomes evident. If you can’t keep your promises, get an outer cause, an enemy to blame for as “in conditions of a sudden threat or challenge to the public’s sense of domestic well-being”[2] the masses will agree to military spending (“the pursuit of power”) and will accept their economic situation (“economic self-denial”). After a few months of failed policies and world wide contempt, what could Trump welcome more than an “America under attack”-scenario?

For now the angry whites are kept at bay with tough anti-immigrant policies like building the wall against Mexico or banning Muslims entering the country. Decrees like these create the impression that he does what he promised and pacify the voters—but only for a limited amount of time. When no new jobs spring into life, when the salaries don’t rise, when the infrastructure remains at the bottom, the angry whites will have to be deluded in other ways. As Trump almost for sure won’t be able to create jobs and economic growth for all as his cabinet is made of generals and multi-billionaires (the latter representing the establishment he claims to fight), the question is not if but when it will happen.

A war can distract the angry whites and give them a new object of anger. A war brings excuse and emotions: they take away our progress”, “they prevent America to become great again”. The new enemy will explain the failures of the current presidency and direct the anger to a new target. And all those who do not agree and dare to voice dissident opinion will be decried as unpatriotic.

I met one single Trump voter. He was full of anger and his arguments were all one liners. From “lock her up” to “bomb them down” it is a small step.

But a new 9/11 will also silence other governments and downgrade topics like climate change, the divide between rich and poor, racial inequality and other looming environmental catastrophes to name just a few. In the absence of a “truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat”[3] the public—including non-US governments— will remind the current administration endlessly about the real problems of this world. A war therefore will not just calm the angry whites but also the heads of non-US states.

If 9/11 was an inside job, there are high times for a second 9/11 [4] as war might be the one thing that can change Trump’s standing in the world and hide his inexorable coming failures.

The bulletin of Atomic Scientists have moved the doomsday clock closer to midnight. It stands now at two and a half minutes to midnight.[5]


1 German then-chancellor Gerhard Schröder just after the attacks.

2 Zbigniew Brzezinski, The Grand Chessboard, p. 37

3The Grand Chessboard, p. 211

4 To be correct, it would be the 4[th] 9/11. The first 9/11 happened 300 years ago in Catalan, the second in Chile 1973, the third is the commonly known 9/11/



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The daily Trump resistance

Amerikanische Botschaft
Sulgeneckstrasse 19
3005 Bern

January 26, 2017

Subject: North Dakota pipeline and Keystone XL pipeline
Dear Madam, dear Sir,
Your president’s recent decision—apart from ignoring democratic opinion and minority rights—sets the course for the destruction of the planet in general and the the human species in particular. Threatening to destroy the biosphere and the life and future prospect of billions of people is nothing less than the biggest terrorist declaration in human history.

Sincerely yours
Thierry Blanc

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The daily Trump resistance

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The daily Trump resistance

ZCommunications » The issue is not Trump. It is us.

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