Foundation pillars of US foreign policy

In three words: Complete economic dominance
The basic interests — the foundation pillars — of US foreign policy includes «[…]“economic policies that […] enable American business to operate as freely as possible and often as monopolistically as possible,” with the aim of creating “ an integrated, United States-dominated capitalist world economy.”» [Noam Chomsky, Hegemony or Survival, p. 69]
In other words, the three main pillars are:

  1. access to cheap labour
  2. access to resources
  3. trade barriers removed

for US and US products.

In addition to the three main pillars, there are (1) geo-strategic interests and (2) the fear of the “domino-effect”, i.e. a state that is not following orders of the US is not allowed to be successful as this could encourage other states to revise policies that would threaten US economic dominance. States that do not follow US orders are bombed back into stone age, e.g. Vietnam, Serbia, or demonized and squeezed with sanctions, e.g. North Korea, Iran (“axis of evil”).