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SNB, bailout Greece – buy the Greek government debts!

Switzerland suffers for many years from the strength of its currency. After three years of intervention, the Swiss National Bank (SNB) removed the cap on its currency which it had imposed. Until then, it had bought €174 billion.

Greece suffers a debt crisis for more than six years with no end in sight. The debts stand now at approx. € 320 billion and growing.

Free to birds with one cage opening:

SNB, bailout Greece – buy the Greek government debts!

The SNB shall grant an interest-free loan to Greece to facilitate an advance repayment. As the lenders to Greece – the European Union, the banks and the IMF – know well that Greece will never be able to pay back these debts, an advance repayement allows the Greek government to actively negotiate a haircut on the lenders.

The interest-free loan will free Greece from its creditors, end foreign intervention in Greece’s domestic policy and restore Greek autonomy. Greece can then give up the harsh austerity measures and reduce the huge tax rate that suffocates its economy.

For the SNB the issuing of the interest-free loan is just part of its monetary policy to weaken the Swiss Frank. The acquisition of approx. €300 billion will counteract deflation, weaken the Swiss Franc and therefore improve exports, save jobs and enkindle tourism.

The main advantage for Switzerland lies in the investment in people: Helping a country to regain independence will foster friendship for centuries to come – an insurance not one single bank – not even the ECB – can give.[1]

The Swiss rose against the local sheriff from Habsburg and freed themselves in 1291. Now Switzerland has the unique opportunity to help the Greeks freeing themselves from the new Habsburg sheriffs.

1 E.g. If Switzerland suffers from atomic incident and 25% of the Swiss have to emigrate, I am sure Greece would welcome us!

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The daily Trump resistance

Amerikanische Botschaft
Sulgeneckstrasse 19
3005 Bern

January 26, 2017

Subject: North Dakota pipeline and Keystone XL pipeline
Dear Madam, dear Sir,
Your president’s recent decision—apart from ignoring democratic opinion and minority rights—sets the course for the destruction of the planet in general and the the human species in particular. Threatening to destroy the biosphere and the life and future prospect of billions of people is nothing less than the biggest terrorist declaration in human history.

Sincerely yours
Thierry Blanc

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The daily Trump resistance

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The daily Trump resistance

ZCommunications » The issue is not Trump. It is us.

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‘Post fact’ and ‘fake news’ era

Media tell us that we have reached the post fact era. But to me it seems more that we have just reached a new level within an era that has started a long time ago. The Greeks complained already 500 BC that the good speaker can undermine democracy. Propaganda and so-called framing have aggravated this problem exponentially. Facts are distorted and reality is framed with the aim of manufacturing consent of the population. The one-sided reporting about Crimea or Syria are just the recent examples.

We had the misfortune of actually trying to talk about the problems facing America and providing real solutions,” Sanders said in an interview with DemocracyNow[1]. With the new president-elect, media manipulation might just add a new modus operandi: Do not speak about the real problems. Let the masses care about the private lives of famous actors, football players and other celebrities, entertain them with sports events, soap operas and the latest Hollywood productions but do not let them come in contact with real political questions. Politics in the ‘post fact’ era is reduced to the vulgar utterances and the public’s reaction to them.

As we have seen during the election campaign, Trump’s nonsense lacking most political substance was given fare more media coverage than Bernie Sanders’s statements of the factual policy.[2] Trump received between $1 and $3 billion of free air time. In comparison, Trump got between 16 to 320 times more air time than Sanders[3]. Addressing real problems earns you the boycott of the establishment, especially the media.

It might be a systemic problem, intrinsic to capitalism itself. As CBS chief executive Les Moonves said at a conference in San Francisco the Trump spectacle “may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS” as “CNN will make approximately $100 million in television and digital advertising revenues more than it would expect in the typical election year,”.[4]

But it might as well be a desired development for the establishment. In a world where the gap between rich an poor is vaster than 1929 and two main disasters – atomic holocaust and climate change – are looming at the horizon, the world economy needs a drastic correction moving away from fossil fuel and war-profiteering.

Capitalist economic surplus is extremely unevenly distributed. The 0.1%, the establishment, do not want the masses partake in this surplus and therefore do not want a change. Their attention diverted to exaggerated threats like global terrorism[5] the masses are made to consent. Consent to give up basic rights and consent to be relegated of decision making by the rulers. Meanwhile the masses fear terror and are outraged by disgusting tweets, the 0.1% go on cashing in the profits and ignoring the world’s looming catastrophes.

News and infotainment that keep discussing the emperor’s clothes are nothing new. But with the absence of even addressing the real problems, the manufacturing of consent has reached a new extreme.


1How the Media Iced Out Bernie Sanders & Helped Donald Trump Win,

2 Ibid.

3 Ibid.


5 Compared to the danger of nuclear war or global warming, the terror victims in Europe much less than those of car accidents or even being crushed by a unstable television! (cf.


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Daily Trump resistance

Tell Amazon to stop advertisement on Breitbart News.

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EULA commons BY-NC version 3.0

We all know the feeling: if we want to continue the installation, the registration, or whatever, we have to click “yes, I agree” but the last thing we want to do is to read plenty of pages of legalese and check them for loopholes. So we just click ‘yes’, agreeing to the End User Licence Agreement (EULA) even when we might consent to sell our grandmother …

It could be different. Creative commons licence is a one of several public copyright licenses which comes in different flavours. A work can be copyrighted – or to be more accurate copylefted! – under creative commons. There are seven regularly used types of creative commons licenses[1].

With this standardisation of copyleft, it is very easy for an end user to know immediately what he can do and what not with the work.

The same could be applied for the EULA. Let’s say seven different forms of EULA for registering on a website and twelve for installing an app. The end user would immediately see if there are any costs involved, if data is sold to a third party, etc.

If the EULA is not one of the seven EULA commons, the thing is fishy and one has to do some web search before installing the app or registering on the site.

But if the EULA is a EULA commons, the decision will be a true and quick decision.

EULA commons would be a very helpful thing.

Yes, I agree.

1 E.g. a work might be licensed under creative commons Attribution + Noncommercial + NoDerivatives version 3.0, in short CC BY-NC-ND. For details, see

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In the beginning ..

In the beginning, God created the holy beamer.

With the power of God, the holy beamer beamed its pictures into the vast darkness but the pictures were not seen. They passed the darkness but darkness was not aware. All the pictures were lost in space.

So God said “you are lonely, nobody sees your pictures. I will create a screen so that your pictures will be known”. And God took the cover of the fan from the beamer (other sources say the entire left side) and created the screens. God created screens in green, but they showed everything in green. God created screens in read, but they showed everything in red, God created screens in blue, but they showed everything in blue, God even created a screen in black and this one did not show anything at all. Then God created a screen in white and the white screen showed all colours. And God was happy, rested, and watched the movies on the white screen …[1]


With a loose contact, even the best screen can’t display a movie smoothly.

1There is an account that God created even a screen that had a layer of silver and that was so perfect that it mirrored everything. But this screen was too powerful so it claimed to be the light itself. Therefore God replaced it by the white screen.


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The daily Trump resistance

We Cannot “Give Trump a Chance”

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“Wehret den Anfängen!”

“Nip it in the bud” is one of the translations for “Wehert den Anfängen”, however (even when the quote goes back 2000 years), in the German speaking world it has a strong anti-Nazi connotation. Because during the rise of fascism in the 1930, the writing on the wall was overlooked. In the beginning fascism could have been beaten. Therefore

Prevent the disease from spreading. Speak out against fascism!

More than ever we need now a firm resistance to prevent Trumpism turning into fascism. We have to watch every move and respond to every step. We have to protest whenever we see the writing on the wall. We have to roar when fascism shows it ugly face an say loudly:

No! Not in my name!

We might have to stand up every day and speak out. It might take weeks, months, four or — God beware — even eight years, but we have to do it. For justice, for dignity, for future generations and the survival of the humankind.

Yes, Mr. Trump, we watch you.

Populism and luck got you in the White house, but we the people are the majority. You do not speak for us, you do not represent us. We don’t share your xenophobic and racist attitudes. We do not share your view on women.

On the contrary, we, the majority, belief in an open society with equal rights for all, we believe in mutual respect and gender equality. And we care for future generations.

You will not silence us.

Start here, sign the petitions:



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