Divide et impera–First mission already accomplished!

After the secession of the Crimea and her joining Russia (nb: it was not an annexation1!), we might think that the US must be very disappointed about the situation. On the contrary. The core objective of US has already been achieved:

divide and rule!

Any country friendly to Russia risks angering Washington, EU-Russian cooperation is on ice as is the thread of a Eurasian market, a stronger Euro and a counterpoint to US military hegemony. Ukraine, instead of becoming a link between the European sphere and the Russian sphere becomes the dagger that separates the two. Europe is forced to show allegiance to the US.


Why is a EU/Russian cooperation dangerous for the US?

  • Euro vs. Dollar

A EU-Russian economic space with good relations would support the Euro as alternative currency to the Dollar. This is a thread the US wants to avoid at all cost.

  • Russia in UN

A peaceful, stable Eurasia will give Russia a stronger voice opposing unilateral, military actions for purely economic reasons by the US (Iraq, Libya, etc.). Strong economic ties would make the risk of economic repercussions far smaller so Russia could demand more strongly that international law is respected by the US and UN resolutions are not perverted like in the case of Libya.

  • Strong Europe

Prosperous economic ties and guaranteed peace from the East would make the EU less dependent on the US. The EU could take a less submissive role and speak out stronger like in the case of Israel’s ongoing occupation.


Apart from prevent EU-Russian cooperation, there are other advantages:

  • Shock-doctrine

As Naomi Klein points out2, the energy industrial complex has already been trying to exploit the situation to increase their gas production under the disguise that Europe needs gas to free itself from Russia. This is called shock-doctrine: A political situation is misused to pass laws that nobody opposes because the political situationthe shockdemands it.

  • Gift to the military-industrial complex

Peace Nobel price winner Barack Obama calls for an increase in military spending by her NATO partners. I doubt that the US would welcome NATO partners buying Russian weapons, but that might be the best answer …

  • New “cold war light”

Even when the situation is not as bad as during the cold war, the crisis can and will be misused to distract from other problems especially inside the US.


As an European I say no to the US involvement in the Ukrainian-Russian-European affair. Use your money to “promote democracy”3 at home where it is so urgently needed4. Make first peace with Mexico5 . Reduce military spending to stop the spiral of the armament race.

This is what we expect from a Nobel peace prize winner.



1The secession of the Crimea is legally questionable (self-determination vs. territorial integrity), the joining of Russia after the secession is not.

3The US spend about 5 Billion Dollar in the Ukraine to “promote democracy”.

4Education is a pillar of democracy; schools are a pillar of education and schools in US are in dire conditions.

5Stop economic warfare against your small neighbour.


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