Kerry’s hypocrisy — part II

Brussels — U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday denounced the use of energy as a weapon, a day after Russia sharply hiked the price for natural gas to Ukraine.[…]

It should not be used as a weapon. It’s in the interest of all of us to be able to have adequate energy supplies critical to our economies, critical to our security, critical to the prosperity of our people. And we can’t allow it to be used as a political weapon or as an instrument for aggression.”

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry [source]

After Kerry’s statement a few weeks ago that an invasion on completely fabricated pretext” is not acceptable in the 21st century, the above statement, too, does not lack its irony. North Korea is in dire need of energy for decades but the US did not supply the needed oil and promised nuclear reactor even after an official agreement between the two states. In an 1994 agreement the US explicitly committed itself, so that “[a]lternative energy will be provided in the form of heavy oil for heating and electricity production.”1 The US did not fulfil its obligation so North Korea restarted its nuclear program again risking an a nuclear arms race in the region.

Iran, too, suffers an energy crisis due to a heavily growing industry. Iran’s main problem related to energy is lack of finance and an outdated infrastructure, both a result of US sanctions. The US therefore prevent a modernisation of infrastructure that will bring “adequate energy supplies critical to [Iran’s] economies… security and prosperity of [its] people.

If we add the Iraq sanctions where energy was not allowed to be sold to buy medicine and basic goods for survival, the US is once more number one in breaking their own statement as they used and use energy as a political weapon in complete disregard of the basic needs of the population concerned.2


2Sanctions against Iraq caused the death of about five hundred thousand children.

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