If Syria were Israel …

It is 2008/2009. Israel is at war in Gaza using white phosphorus or other chemical weapons. Russia threats Israel with attack; the Russian foreign minister says “все варианты на столе” what means “all options are on the table” threatening Israel even with ABC-weapons.
The US backs Israel and blocks security resolutions in favour of Israel. The press accuses the US to defend its ally Israel and turning a blind eye on Israel’s use of chemical weapons even when Britain vetoed the resolutions, too. Some critical people in the press see the threat of force against Israel as illegal and think it is the UN who has to decide about steps against Israel but they are sidelined.  
All peace conferences in Geneva fail because Russia insists that — as a precondition — the Netanyahu government has to step down first. This is rejected by Israel and backed by US.
After the Russian foreign minister slips that Israel could destroy all its ABC weapons to avoid attack, the US and Russia agree on disarmament of Israel’s chemical weapons. However, the US insists that there will be no automatic punishments for Israel if Israel fails to comply fully with this agreement. The US makes sure that in this case the UN security council should decide about appropriate steps in order to prevent the Russians to bomb Israel at will.

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